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Illegal Redistribution of IslandDollars Content February 23rd, 2018
As you are well aware, the market for bootlegs and the illegal redistribution of copyrighted content is vast, and significantly affects content producers and their affiliate partners who are engaged in legitimate business by creating a black market for content.

Island Dollars has been vigilant in protecting our content since the beginning of our program. We have sent out hundreds of thousands of DMCA notices over the years and actively trawl the web for copyright violators. As we have grown each year since 2006, currently with NEW, exclusive video updates on our sites every single day of the year, we have more content than ever to protect.

We are currently investigating a series of violations related to the illegal reselling of content from both our LadyboyGold and LadyboysFuckedBareback sites. Specifically we are looking at retailers in China, Netherlands, France, Germany, and other EU territories who are selling unauthorized DVDs of downloaded content in both retail and wholesale markets. Island Dollars has never licensed our content for DVD/Blu-Ray or any broadcast outside of our network.

As this content is illegally distributed outside of our exclusive network, it directly affects sales for our affiliated partners who are selling through an authorized program. Therefore, we want to send out a request that if you happen to see any Island Dollars content being sold retail or wholesale outside of the only authorized channel,, it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact our legal department about it.

We will continue to stay steadfast in protecting our content and continuing to grow our program. We continue to value your partnership. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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