Please reference this section often. As new technologies and issues are raised, this will serve as ground rules for promotion of IslandDollars.com's sites.


All content is under the IslandDollars.com network is owned or leased by IslandDollars.com. No content outside of the Free Hosted Content and Zipped content is to be used for site promotion, unless expressed written consent has been giving by IslandDollars.com. All IslandDollars.com content must be used to promote IslandDollars.com sites. No exceptions. Any other use is prohibited.


All content is 2257 compliant with the custodian of records information for content listed as required by law. If an issue of 2257 compliance arises in regards to a partner of IslandDollars.com, IslandDollars.com agrees to turn over all required information to the proper law enforcement authorities to aid in the defense of our partners. We care about you and appreciate your promotional efforts.


In order to comply with US Federal Law, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, IslandDollars.com does not tolerate Spamming. Any account caught sending spam email will have their account terminated. Fully opt in mailing lists are allowed, provided you contact us first and provide us with additional information. All emails promoting IslandDollars.com products must allow for the recipient to Opt out, and a clear opt out link on the email. All opt out requests must be honored.


Minimum check payouts are $100 USD for all webmasters. You can set your minimum payment to any amount higher than the default minimum. The minimum amount for wire transfers is $250. The Paxum minimum payout is $100 for all affiliates. Payments are made once a month, on the 1st of the month, with pay periods running from the 1st to the end of the month. Sales are held for one pay period (30 days). Checks come from Island Media Group and Paxum payments are sent from IslandDollars. We will try to accommodate all of our affiliates and will consider other payment options as they are requested and made available.


All payout are 60% of each initial customer charge and 60% of all subsequent customer charges for the life of the customer. The net amount paid is the deduction of credit card processing fee, and 60% of the net amount paid to partners based off of the membership charge, currently between $24.95 and $79.95. Webmaster referral is 10% of the net of all referred partner sales. We hope we never have to, but for our protection we reserve the right to suspend fraudulent accounts that cause harm to the stability of the IslandDollars.com program.


For the protection of our models and program, all Thailand generated traffic is redirected to Google. A very small percentage of that traffic is considered buyers of erotica and it is in the best interest of our affiliates and our program that the traffic is directed to a non adult source.

Try us. We are confident you will be happy with us!